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Welcome to our new website

You might have noticed we’re looking a bit different – Welcome to our rebrand. AMGB started in 2002 – we’ve been here since the early IT boom. The company started as specialist for the supply, support, and maintenance of Alpha Microsystem’s earliest computer systems. As our customers started expanding their IT infrastructure, we started offering more and more bespoke services to help them. We’ve continued to evolve over the past 18 years. Today, we use our extensive experience to provide everything from solution concepts to full IT management.

Why the rebrand?

Our online presence didn’t accurately show who we are and what we do. When our previous director passed away and AMGB was purchased, it felt right to refresh the company’s branding too. We needed a visual brand identity that would reflect our ability to grow and develop with our clients, as well as look and feel robust and reliable.

Legacy meets innovation

Technology brands aren’t usually associated with the word ‘heritage’, but we’re proud of our uniquely long history. We worked with Liverpool design agency Design Integrity, who have developed a contemporary website design featuring the aesthetic themes of coding language and grids synonymous with classic IT hardware. Our creative direction now combines our past and our future seamlessly.

The AMGB mission

Our branding is crucial for making that important first impression and staying memorable, but it’s our high standard of work, level of service, and good relationships with local businesses that make AMGB what it is. We’re working hard to keep developing our solid reputation, work with more businesses with complex challenges, and continue to reliably support our existing clients.

2021 and beyond

As always, we’re focused on prioritising our clients and what they need. Technology has been at the centre of how many businesses operate for over a decade, and now many of us are working remotely there’s even more reason for organisations to develop a seamless IT infrastructure. We’re providing them with the support they need to stay resilient and robust, whatever their challenges.